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For those who want a quick strike with a big experience, the Hourly Trips are for you. Departing at 6am, we go out for big Yellowtail, Dorado, Calico Bass, and even Yellowfin Tuna before returning to dock with lots of meat and most of the day left to spare. 

*Meals (if applicable), Snacks and Non Alcoholic beverages available on all charters at no additional cost. Passengers are always welcome to bring their own beers and adult beverages (if of drinking age) and personal snacks*

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6 hours

- Morning: 6am to Noon;
- Evening: 1pm to 7pm;
- Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages only.

8 hours

- Morning: 6am to 2pm;
- Breakfast is served.

10 hours

- Morning: 6am to 4pm;
-Breakfast and lunch are served.


For those who want to maximize their day on the water, our Full day trip allows for 12 hours of fishing. 

Leaving the dock at 6 am, we hit multiple spots for a variety of fish and return at 6 pm. Breakfast and lunch are included as well as drinks and snacks.

(Alcoholic beverages are not provided and must be brought by guests.)


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Full Day


- Morning: 6am to 6pm;
- Breakfast and lunch are served.


The Overnight Trip is our most commonly booked trip because this is where we can target the prize Bluefin. Renowned for it’s fight and meat quality, Bluefin Tuna is the solid gold catch most anglers dream of.

Our overnight charters depart around 9pm and arrive at the Bluefin grounds just in time to start fishing for them early in the morning. We spend the whole day targeting and fighting Bluefin that occasionally tip the scales at over 200 pounds! We then start heading back to port, trading stories over food and relaxation before arriving at 6am the morning after.

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- Morning: 9pm to 9pm (Next day);
- Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner are served.


The Multi-Day Trip charter is for those who want to maximize their chances and quantity of those big Bluefin Tunas.

On this trip, we depart earlier in the morning (6am) to fish the inshore species while slowly making our way towards the Bluefin grounds.

At sunset, we throttle the boat the remaining distance to the Bluefin grounds where we spend multiple days patrolling the waters for those coveted dream fish. 

After fulfilling the amount of days booked, we return to port at 6am the following morning. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included for each full day on the water. 

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1.5 day


- Leave at 9pm;
- Fish all the entire following day and half the next day;
- leave the fishing grounds mid-day and return at 6am

2 dayTrip

- Leave at 9pm;
- Fish the following 2 days;
- leave the fishing grounds the night of the second day;
- Return at 6am

2.5 day


- Leave at 9pm;
- Fish the following 2.5 days;
- Leave the fishing grounds mid-day and return 9pm

3 day


- Leave at 6am;
- Fish the entire first day and the following 2 days;
- Leave the fishing grounds the night of the third day;
- Return at 6am the following day

3.5 day


- Leave at 9pm;
- Fish the following 3.5 days;
- Leave the fishing grounds at mid day and return at 9pm

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Feel free to contact us anytime with general enquiries or booking info and we’ll get back to you ASAP.